SEARCH Open Portal

The SEARCH Open Portal will be an investigative tool to learn about the skills of young people on the benefits of sport, the right lifestyle, well-being and proper nutrition.

The data acquired will be a starting point for the entire partnership, for training interventions and to actively involve all participants.

SEARCH Open Portal will be a self-assessment platform for young people to understand the benefits of sport, healthy lifestyle, well-being and proper nutrition, inclusion, integration and full citizenship. The platform will strengthen the initial competences of the participants as each school and sports institution will devote a part of the activities on the importance of sport as a good daily practice.

The contents, elaborated in the 7 languages, will cover an informative part and a survey to be administered to students and athletes.

The information part: where themes related to physical well-being will be expressed through different materials through adequate physical activity and nutrition.

The survey will consist of 30 multiple-choice questions to help children understand their knowledge about the benefits of sports, healthy lifestyle, well-being and proper nutrition, inclusion, integration and full citizenship. All data emerging from the SEARCH Open Portal will be transferable to other countries and other initiatives related to the topics covered in the project.

SEARCH eLearning Course

The SEARCH eLearning Course for sport teachers and tutors includes five modules focused on the enhancement of educational value in sport, encourage young people to play sport, make sport an instrument of social inclusion and increase the economy related to sport through proper management of sports facilities. The contents provided are of high quality thanks to the high scientific qualification of the project staff.


An APP will be developed, accessible to all students. The APP is conceived as a platform for learning the sport, it will be available in 7 languages (Italian, English, Austrian, Greek, Spanish, Slovenian, Turkish).

The user profile, lessons and progress are also uploaded to the cloud so that you can access and resume the lesson from any device. The service is based on strategies and techniques borrowed from the video game industry rather than from books and Slide, we can talk about Gamification. Each user will have levels to overcome, through small quizzes on sports, wellness and nutrition (there will be rankings).

SEARCH Mobile App It will be user-centred, suggesting creation of personal profiles through an easy sign-up process and allowing for tracking the learning progress and achievements. The platform will use some gamification techniques, which will make the learning experience more engaging.

SEARCH Handbook

The SEARCH Handbook offers a broad theoretical background, as well as practical tips and tricks for understanding and practicing a healthy lifestyle that includes sports activity and proper nutrition. The manual will be divided into different sections where you will find different types of activities within the manual.