Creating a perspective for changing future behavioural patterns by teaching to live a healthy life and constantly practise sport means changing the approach to sport of children and their parents. Sport is at the same time both forerunner and innovator, unlike other disciplines that need a long time to develop skills. Sports education can help increasing precociously skills and by expanding them. In other words, skills that young people can then imitate and enlarge to other areas of reality: an orderly, systematic effort that leads to certain results and no matter at what level, the degree of satisfaction is so elevated that it always coincides with well-being. This is the innovative theme because practicing physical activity means leaving an existential dimension often corresponding to conditions of boredom, suffering and discomfort. Recharging your physical batteries allows facing several situations in real life, with much more strength by guaranteeing physical and mental wellbeing. A study carried out by researchers at the World Health Organization (WHO 2016-2018) and published on the Lancet Global Health journal showed how this issue must start to give rise to serious concern. It is well known that physical inactivity implies a higher risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, colon cancer, breast cancer, type II diabetes. The alarm has been raised by the author of the study, Regina Guthold: “unlike other important global health risks, sedentary lifestyle is not decreasing and over a quarter of all adults are not reaching the recommended levels of physical activity for good health”.

Speaking on these points means completely changing the approach to sport, well-being and to proper nutrition of children and parents. We want to create an innovative perspective that, through different methodological approaches, means changing the general approach to sport, by teaching to live a healthy life, constantly practising sport.

The project SEARCH – Sport Education for Active and Responsible Citizenship through Health caring copes with the issue of education to sport for a psycho-physical well-being of the individuals in their present but also in their future lives.

The other innovative plans are:

From a technological point of view

Teachers and sports tutors can follow the e-learning lessons with a maximum degree of flexibility. They will always be available online and each of the attendants will have in any time the possibility to access and consult this resource. The platform will contain not only the modules, but also experiences, good practices and all the information which can be shared at national and international level with the European partners. Young people may download the APP directly on their smartphones in order to receive constant “alerts”, being updated on their activities and food consumption.

From an educational point of view

E-learning training for adults and via the APP for young people, aims at representing a new approach to teaching technologically advanced, with the awareness that the tool that is increasingly embracing every aspect of this era is the “becoming”. The materials will always be freely accessible and available in order to make the understanding of the topics even easier.