The SEARCH project is in full swing. After the first two modules, from today the 3rd module: “THE SOCIAL ROLE OF SPORT” is available.

After dealing with the issue of the educational importance of sport and having done an analysis of the costs and benefits of sport, this 3rd module tries to explain how to make sport a tool for social inclusion.

In fact, sport has always represented a fundamental element on an emotional and social level, a multidimensional, dynamic, playful environment, suitable for intensifying the awareness of oneself and one’s body. It is also a way to get out of isolation and to socialize.
The European Parliament in its resolution on the “White Paper on sport” has taken up and expanded these issues by defining sport as a factor of social inclusion and reiterating the importance of sports at school.
The processes of inclusion are linked, on the one hand, to the construction of the bond between young people and the local community, and on the other, they examine the expression of subjectivity as the outcome of the representations and interpersonal relationships that ” game